2023-2024 Catalan for Beginners (1st edition)


Catalan for Beginners is a Catalan course which aims to provide you with the basic lexical and grammatical resources so that you can communicate in a variety of day-to-day situations

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Universidad de Cantabria

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Over the next three weeks you’ll gain a basic grounding in the Catalan language, but you will also acquire other knowledge. The course, by means of a fictional series and its characters, will allow you to immerse yourself in the heart of Barcelona.

You’ll also learn a bit about Catalan cuisine, music and traditions. Because learning a language is much more than just understanding words. Learning a language is opening a door to the world. As such, this is a course designed to learn Catalan while having fun.


Duration: 15 hours (3 weeks for the course + 2 extra weeks if needed )

Start date: 20/11/ 2023
End date:  25/12/2023

Learning objectives/ Objetivos de aprendizaje 

You will learn part of the CEFR Level 1 contents: using simple phrases and vocabulary responding to basic needs such as: how to introduce yourself, talk about a third party, talk about likes and dislikes, talk about where you live.

Previous knowledge recommended/Conocimientos previos recomendados:

No prior knowledge of Catalan is required.

Contents/ Contenidos 

The content of the course is distributed over three weeks. Each week is made up of three learning activities. Each activity has 4 steps that you need to work through in the following order:

  1. Watch an episode of the fictional series “Un dia amb Ella”, in which dialogues in English (the majority) are combined with input in Catalan from some of the characters. To facilitate understanding, you can activate the series subtitles. A good option is to watch the episode once with the English subtitles activated, then watch a second time with the Catalan subtitles activated.
  2. Watch a teaching video in which a virtual teacher explains grammatical and lexical content related to the dialogues in the episode you have just seen. These teaching videos also have subtitles available.
  3. Consult the grammar glossary PDF where you will find more details on the grammar structures that you have learned in the video. The glossaries from each unit will form a compendium of everything you have learned during the three weeks of the course. As such, it forms a useful graphical summary and expansion of the vocabulary and grammar you learn in each unit.
  4. Do one or more of the exercises to test yourself on what you have learned. At the end of each week (and after having completed the corresponding three units) you will find a fun activity to help you interact with other MOOC participants. Be alert as you can win prizes!

For each unit there are one or two assessment activities to help you systemise the knowledge you are acquiring, and at the end of each week there is a more ludic activity, such as a forum entry, to help you become more familiar with Catalan language and culture.

These 4 steps, in this order, are the key to successfully completing the course. The course design also includes a Resources Section which is open access and as such can be consulted at any time regardless of which unit you are doing. In this activity you will find the following steps:

  1. A Catalan pronunciation dictionary
  2. An Extended Survival Kit, with a series of links to resources for learning more Catalan, and for enjoying popular Catalan television series to further develop your listening comprehension skills or to find out more about day-to-day life in Barcelona.
  3. A list of Catalan songs
  4. A summary of the Catalan cultural references that appear in the fictional series “Un dia amb Ella”

You are about to start a fascinating adventure in which you’ll learn while strolling through the city of Barcelona accompanied by a series of characters who live and breathe the language.

Shall we get started?

Professors/ Docentes

Founded in 1990, Universitat Pompeu Fabra is a public university based in Barcelona that is highly competitive in research and aims to transform education to respond to future challenges.

The multidisciplinary MOOC team at UPF involves staff from different fields, from audiovisual and computer technicians to educational support. To sum up, this team, jointly with the teaching staff of the MOOCs, is aiming to optimize the resources of Pompeu Fabra University to support the design, creation and publishing of MOOCs with the guarantee of UPF’s seal of quality and innovation.

Meet our team!


María Naranjo, Elisenda Campmany, Laia Roca and Robert Hoorworth

Series Produced by

Justí Torn and Vanessa Soria

Series Film Editing by

Nil Bernat and Marcos Taboada

Support team:

Ramon Maseda and Lorena Gomez


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