Cooperative Entrepreneurial Education: Tools and Resources


“Cooperative Entrepreneurship in Education: Tools and Resources” is a short digital course oriented to teachers and education professionals across the world interested in understanding and/or introducing entrepreneurial education using the cooperative perspective.

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Universidad de Cantabria

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Cooperatives are proven to be resilient business models fostering high levels of innovation and creating stable jobs. With deep links to local communities, they are key actors in contributing to all seventeen of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in fostering an economy for the common good.
This course focuses on how to use cooperatives as the basis for developing entrepreneurial education across different subjects. We see in cooperative entrepreneurial education an opportunity to help students find ethical and sustainable ways to solve problems, work cooperatively, and use their entrepreneurial competences to thrive in challenging personal and professional contexts.

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The acquisition of the Certificate of Completion is optional and will be available within the course.

Duration: 40 hours

Starts: 28th February 2022
Ends:   03rd April 2022

Target audience:

  • The course can be attended by anyone interested in the topics but has been designed with special focus in educators

Learning goals:

  • Focus on cooperative entrepreneurial education


  • Module 0: Introduction
  • Module 1: The ABCs of cooperatives. Stepping into the world of cooperatives and beginning to see its potential as a learning context. Learn about the key principles and values associated with them.
  • Module 2: Cooperation in Entrepreneurial Learning. Learn about entrepreneurial education, and in particular the EntreComp framework of competences, and its link to cooperative entrepreneurship.
  • Module 3: Principles to introducing cooperative entrepreneurial learning. Focus on the teaching and learning aspects of cooperative entrepreneurship. Learn about the key principles of cooperative entrepreneurial education and how to apply them in teaching/training context
  • Module 4: What can I do in my classroom? Practical stage of looking at practices that might adapt or directly use in teaching, to deliver coops entrepreneurial education. Learn from existing practices and devise innovative ideas for classroom
  • Module 5: Continue your exploration. How to continue learning about cooperative entrepreneurial education, engage with relevant European networks and events, and create relevant networks for yourself and your educational institutions.
  • Final Assignment:Try it out! Design a cooperative entrepreneurial activity by using the learning design canvas, a planning tool for educators that considers the experience design principles and guides participants through the development of their learning experience. Participants will be able to design a complete cooperative entrepreneurial learning experience for their students.


Teaching team: Federico Gutiérrez-Solana Salcedo, José Ignacio Rodríguez Gutiérrez, Ilana Gotz, Gloria Cannone, Francesco Garcea, Javier Vallina Fernández, Alexandra Yaghil, Daniel McCallum, Elena Badeanschi, Alison Longden.


The teaching team (multidisciplinary and from different contexts and countries of the European Union) has extensive experience in the academic field, entrepreneurship and cooperativism, not only from a theoretical point of view but also with great practical experience.
Its members include university professors and researchers, experts in teaching in secondary education, managers of international projects, experts in entrepreneurship, cooperative members


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