How to Negotiate Effectively


In many situations in life we find ourselves negotiating. However, we do not always detect them and even less, come out of them successfully. This video learning series gives you the opportunity to practice your negotiating techniques to maintain productive relationships with colleagues, clients and in your life in general


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This is a videolearning self-study course. Each class has video lessons prepared by Alan Walker, a training and development consultant and executive coach. It is structured in six training modules of linear visualizatio. They teach what underlies negotiation, which phases it has, how to develop them, and how to act assertively.

Duration: 3h

Start: Immediate


  • Any professional interested in the subject.
  • Professionals with sales responsibilities.

Learning goals

  • Developing negotiation skills, influencing skills, assertiveness, conflict management.


  • What basic knowledge do you need in order to negotiate?: What does negotiate mean, what influence do my beliefs, values & attitudes have, and what five options exist to resolve conflict
  • How to prepare your negotiations? (Phase 1): Concept of value, levels of entry, intention and exit, steps and questions
  • What to do in Phase 2 (discussing)?: How to open the negotiation. debating ideas, the skill of asking questions, and signs for debating
  • What to do in Phase 3 (proposing)?: What is proposing and proposing ideas
  • What to do in Phase 4 (bargaining)?: Bargaining and closing

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