Certificate of Achievement

At Miríadax we believe that getting an accreditation it is important to demonstrate knowledge acquired knowledge and as a reward for the work and the time spent in your training.

To achieve the new Digital Certificate of Achievement you need to complete 100% of the course and, after paying €40 |$44, you can find it on the section My Courses.

of the Certificate of Accomplishment

  • Personalized

    With a unique identifier, the digital certificate shows your name, the course, the duration, the logo of the institutions that offer it, professional associations that support it and the signature of the teachers.

  • It shows what is learned

    The Certificate allows you to show the result of your tests, your P2P work, contributions in the Forum or your thoughts. Whatever you want, to show what you have learned to your company, universities or future employers.

  • Share your achievements

    Your certificate is a permanent link so you can easily add it to your Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google + profile or share your certification on your network and on your CV.

  • Public or Private

    Decide whether to make it public or private. When and how to share your final grade, your position at the end of the course, etc.

  • Print it

    Use the functionality of safeguarding to have a physical copy of the certificate, because sometimes paper is also important.

  • Buy it whenever you want

    There is no date limit to buy the certificate, you can buy it at any time.