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Our philosophy

Miríadax is the first Ibero-American MOOCs platform to pledge to promote open knowledge in the regional scope of higher education, with more than 6 million students enrolled and more than 100 educational partners.


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Miríadax makes available to any interested party Massive Open Online Courses (known as MOOCS) through an open platform without restrictions, without conditions, without schedules, WITHOUT BARRIERS.


This initiative is driven by Telefónica Digital Education - a company that specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for online learning for education and training - from January 2013, in order to foster the spread of open knowledge in the Ibero-American space of higher education.


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With Miríadax we provide all the Ibero-American universities with a space in which they can transmit knowledge freely, to encourage the exchange of experiences and ideas among those who receive it via network.


From Miríadax, together with the participating universities, we would like to offer you courses on very different topics, designed so that you can follow them at your own pace, in which you can learn from scratch the subjects that interest you, or deeper into them if you already had prior knowledge, and help you to develop your skills or to enhance them.


Find out who we are aimed at


Interested in creating and delivering courses? Miríadax is available to all Latin American and Portuguese universities. If you want to know what you have to do to create and deliver a course on Miríadax, request information here.


Interested in registering and participating in courses? Miríadax is available to anyone interested in their courses. And nothing more! You don't have to be a student or graduate of any University, wait for a quota (position that has no limit of students), download any specific software to your computer, nor adapt to schedules because they are designed so that you follow the contents and do the activities when you want. You only have to register and start on your start date!


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In these years of experience, we have detected that there may arise on a frequent basis a series of questions before, during and after the course. Check them here.


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If you want to know the courses we have available at the time, you can view when you are navigating the platform search engine, the channel of courses or the universities channel.


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In addition to our blog, where we regularly publish information about our courses and our platform, you can follow us on different social channels such as TwitterFacebook and Linkedin.