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Professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and current Secretary of the Doctorate School at the University of Valencia, where I received my Ph.D. (1994) in Biochemistry. I did a short training stay at Richard Houghten's lab at the Torrey Pines for Molecular Studies in San Diego (1994) working on combinatorial chemistry. I pursued my post-doctoral studies with Gunnar von Heijne (1995-1997) at the Arrhenius Laboratories Stockholm University, where I studied the folding of membrane proteins in micellar media and in biological membranes. I was Visiting Professor with Arthur E. Johnson at the Texas A&M University (2009), where I learnt molecular techniques to study protein biogenesis. My research team focuses on basic aspects of the folding and assembly of proteins in lipid membranes. The insertion into biological membranes of nascent protein chains depends on the protein-protein interactions established with the different components of the cellular machinery responsible for their insertion.



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