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Juan holds a BSc (Agricultural Engineering) and MSc (Food Science and Technology) and a PhD (Molecular Microbiology). His career has been developed in three research institutions: IATA-CSIC (2003-2009), Wageningen University and Research (2009-2015), and ICCRAM-University of Burgos (2016-). His main research lines are (i) analysis of microbial potential for biotechnological and environmental applications;(ii) development of novel microbial strains for enhanced production of proteins and biochemicals;(iii) discovery and characterization of new biocatalysts; (iV) use of probiotics for the development of products with enhanced nutritional value; (V) toxicology and biocompatibility studies of nanomaterials. Juan has two patents, publications in top journals of the applied microbiology, biotechnology and materials field (i.e. PLOS Genetics, applied and environmental microbiology, microbial cell factories, biotechnology for biofuels, biotechnology and bioengineering, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, etc.), as well as in specialized magazines. During his last years as a researcher associate at WUR, he was responsible for the supervision of the Microbial Systems Biology research group, and student contact person, being in charge of the daily supervision of BSc and MSc thesis students, PhD students and guest researchers. Currently, Juan is involved in several H2020 research projects at UBU-ICCRAM, being the Principal Investigator in one of them (NANOGENTOOLS), supervising a research group composed by several researchers, including PhD students. Juan also has a special interest for teaching, and has participated as a lecturer in several BSc and MSc courses at WUR, the University of the Basque Country and at the International University of Valencia (VIU). Juan’s current interests involve research and education  in the fields of applied molecular microbiology and toxicology.



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