Nombre:José Antonio Juanes de la Peña


José A Juanes, M.Sc and Ph.D in Biology (University of Oviedo), is Environmental Hydraulics Professor at the University of Cantabria and Head of the Hydrobiology and Enviromental Management Area of the Environmental Hydraulics Institute (IH Cantabria), where he served as Vicedirector (2007-2011) and currently as Director of Education. With a 150 multidisciplinary staff, IHCantabria carries out research in different aspects of the water cycle, covering from basic research to the transfer of technology to society and the implementation of public policies. Scientific indicators rank the Institute among the top in the world in the fields of Coastal and Ocean Engineering.

From 1982 to 1990, he completed the M.Sc. and the PhD Thesis on different aspects of the ecology and the ecophysiology of two of the most important commercial species of seaweeds in the world, Gelidium corneum and Chondrus crispus, because of their economic value for the agar and carrageenan industries. He stayed at the Atlantic Research Laboratory of the National Research Council of Canada during 1985-1986 to carry out the experimental part of his PhD thesis. Since 1990, his research was mainly focused to different topics within the Ecohydrology and the Environmental Hydraulics, mainly related to estuarine and coastal ecosystems. In 2003, he obtained a Ramon y Cajal tenure track position at the Water Science Technology and Environment Department before obtaining an Associated Professor position (2006) and, more recently (2017), the Full Professor position.

He has participated in more than 40 research projects, acting as Principal Investigator in more than 15 projects funded by the Spanish Research Agency and European Union programs. Those covered different topics such as: ecology of benthic communities; water quality monitoring, environmental risk assessment in the coastal environment; ecosystem restoration; marine litter; integrated management of aquatic systems; climate change; and offshore aquaculture. With over 150 publications, he has published more than 80 refereed journal papers on those subjects, but mainly related to the coastal ecology and the environmental management of different human pressures (e.g. marine discharges) and activities (e.g. harbors).

José A Juanes has received two national and regional awards: the National Environment Award “AQUA”, from the Spanish Ministry of the Environment (2003) and the University of Cantabria Social Council Research Award, in both cases for the contribution of his research group to the development of the Environmental design of sanitation systems in coastal areas.

Besides his research, he has developed and extensive activity to close the gap between research, technology transfer and policy making, working in collaboration with public administrations and private institutions and companies, having a great impact on coastal management policies. Prof. Juanes has been the coordinator or collaborated in more than 70 projects on technology transfer, leading the development of technical methods and, databases. He has coordinated projects on the Water Framework Directive, the Habitats Directive, the Bathing water Directive and the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive, working at the European, the National and the Regional levels. From 2006-2012 he acted as Research Leader of the NE Atlantic Geographic Intercalibration Group (NEA GIG) for “macroalgae” within the Intercalibration exercise of the Water Framework Directive, organized at the EU level by the JRC.

Since 2012, he is the Director of the Education and Capacity Building of IH Cantabria, and coordinator of the PhD on Coastal Engineering, Hydrobiology and Environmental Management of Aquatic systems of IHCantabria (2014-..).



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