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He received the PhD Degree from Paul Sabatier University, in 1998. He has been associate professor, then full professor since 2015 at Toulouse Paul Sabatier University. He created in 2000 a new small team on semi-conducting gas sensors in LAAS-CNRS and developed microtechnology (process flow of sensors with optimizated microhotplates and material integration), specific test benches for sensor characterization under control atmosphere and electronic circuits dedicated to these sensors. He became head of MICA team in 2012 and belongs to the scientific committee of Micro-nano-biotechnology LAAS department. He has already coordinated projects in national programs and also workpackages in European Programs mainly to develop flexible gas sensors based on robust silicon micro-hotplates and nanostructured metal-oxides. New investigations have been initiated in new design of sensors and multi sensors (with different transducing approaches), and their operating modes to enhance their performances (sensitivity, selectivity, stability). His main goal is to develop new generation of gas sensors well adapted to become miniaturized electronic noses compatible with communicant embedded systems.



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