Nombre completo:Richard Williams
Ubicación:University of Glasgow, United Kingdom


My research interests lie in the fields of geomatics, fluvial geomorphology, remote sensing, flood risk management, and numerical modelling. Specifically, I am interested in the dynamism of river systems at the reach spatial scale and event-to-decadal timescale. My research focuses upon enhancing and applying novel geomatics and remote sensing methods to gain insight into river morphodynamics. Such data also provide innovative parameterisations for hydro- and morpho-dynamic numerical models, and spatially-temporally explicit metrics for model assessment. My research supports fundamental insights into the controls on river planform and provides evidence for scientifically informed management of flood conveyance, and in-stream and riparian habitat.

Particular research themes include:

1. Monitoring and modelling braided river morphodynamics;

2. Monitoring the morphology, flow dynamics, sediment transport and ecology of river restoration schemes;

3. Alluvial fan morphology and sedimentology;

4. Numerical modelling of flood risk, particularly in geomorphologically dynamic settings and in the context of evaluating natural flood risk management.

Recent field campaigns have involved the deployment of a range of Earth observation platforms and sensors. These have included RTK-GPS, terrestrial laser scanning, acoustic Doppler current profilers, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to acquire imagery for Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry. 



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